1. Internet ( updated at 11.25.1998 )
  2. Petri Net Analysis (Bottom-up & Top-Down)
    (1) Top-Down Approach by D-Petri Nets (R. Valette)
    (ex.)  Each Petri net has its input port and output port,
    where each port is either place or transition.
    (2) Bottom-Up Approach by Reduction Rules (Lee, K.-H.)
  3. Matrix Representation
    (1) DEVS(Dscrete EVent systems Specification)
    (2) FSM(Finite State Machine)
    (3) PN(Petri Net) Models
  4. Interrelationship among DEVS, FSM, PN, etc.
  5. Hybrid Specification (External Spec. + Internal Spec.)
  6. Graphical Representation of the DEVS Formalism (B. Zeigler)
  7. Object-Oriented Scheme & PN
  8. Data Security & PN
  9. Layering of PN
    Graphical S/W Tools of Petri nets